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Kathy Troxel is looking for product testers. She has found an amazing 8" screen portable mp4 video player that can be preloaded with many hours of music, quizzes, audio lessons and video lessons. Please email or call (800)365-7464 if you are interested.

"The Audio Memory products are a must for every teacher or parent!!  As a teacher, I have been using them several times daily for the last 8 years. The elementary students and their parents and I love them and they have learned so much!! I also teach graduate courses for teachers and they all want them for their classes." - Allison Carpenter, Teacher of the Year, Teacher of Teachers at U.C.S.D.


 "Our son learned your songs and he was doing 5th grade math at 5 years of age! He's now 13 and has finished Trigonometry. We believe it's because he learned your Math Songs at a very young age." - Dani Merritt, Lawrenceville, GA


"I drove a Special Ed School Bus for many years. The kids loved to sing these songs on the bus. One 12-year-old girl who had never said a word in her life suddenly started singing! That was the beginning of speech for her!" - Ruth B. , New York


"You Never Forget What You Sing!" 

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 Hi there! Ages ago, my 5th grade teacher taught us grammar with the Grammar Songs, and eventually, I did the same with my 6th graders. My mom used to teach geography, and she used your Geography Songs. I know your product works because I have seen it work. - Christina Douglas




Please contact or (800)365-7464 if you are not sure that the download will play on your device.