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"The Audio Memory products are a must for every teacher or parent!!  As a teacher, I have been using them several times daily for the last 8 years. The elementary students and their parents and I love them and they have learned so much!! I also teach graduate courses for teachers and they all want them for their classes." - Allison Carpenter, Teacher of the Year, Teacher of Teachers at U.C.S.D.


 "Our son learned your songs and he was doing 5th grade math at 5 years of age! He's now 13 and has finished Trigonometry. We believe it's because he learned your Math Songs at a very young age." - Dani Merritt, Lawrenceville, GA


"I drove a Special Ed School Bus for many years. The kids loved to sing these songs on the bus. One 12-year-old girl who had never said a word in her life suddenly started singing! That was the beginning of speech for her!" - Ruth B. , New York


"You Never Forget What You Sing!" 

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 Hi there! Ages ago, my 5th grade teacher taught us grammar with the Grammar Songs, and eventually, I did the same with my 6th graders. My mom used to teach geography, and she used your Geography Songs. I know your product works because I have seen it work. - Christina Douglas




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