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An incredible, awesome learning tool!


In 1st Grade my daughter's teacher at Adams Elementary, Eugene, OR used this tool. The results were incredible! At the end of the school year her teacher brought in her daughter and three of her class mates ( All seniors). Our 6 and 7 year old children wiped the floor with them! Two years later my daughter still sings the songs. I just wished her school, now in Pennsylvania, would also use singing as a method of learning. Children learn so much without even realizing that they are learning! R. Bezuidenhout

Geography Songs Lyrics Here.pdf


"Incredible product for memorizing geography. Kids of any age can learn with this method." - Sarah Rebandt

"My kids have been enjoying these geography songs greatly. My sisters learned these songs as children and I have been searching for them ever since. I love the new updated versions with Europe and Africa divided into regions instead of one super long song that was a bit difficult to remember. Good value for the price and certainly worth the investment for a great teaching tool." - Katrina

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You know how, in secret societies, people recognize each other by a sign, a gesture, or a word?  Well, that’s how I used to feel about Geography Songs.

You’d just have to start, “North A-MER-i-ca,” and any homeschooler nearby would join in, “South A-MER-i-ca!”  That’s how we could tell who homeschooled.

I haven’t heard much about this CD lately, and that’s a pity because it’s one of the catchiest ways to learn basic geography facts. In over thirty songs with accompanying outline maps, Kathy Troxel teaches names and locations of countries of the world, as well as oceans, planets, and states of the US. Some songs are just listings of names. Others also tell about the culture of an area.

The music is light, cheerful and catchy, occasionally even tying in with the culture of the countries in the song.  It remains pleasant even after hearing it hundreds of times…and that is important.

My children begged to listen to it. If children color the map while they are listening (mine don’t like coloring), they will learn the locations even more quickly.  In any case, this is a great basis for any geography study.

-Written by Annie Kate, a Christian homeschooling mom of five, who reviews and blogs at Tea Time with Annie Kate. You can read her other Curriculum Choice reviews here.





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Geography Songs lyrics here. pdf The Geography Songs Book has 68 pages of numbered maps to label and color, lyric pages, famous landmarks, tests and a crossword. Updated 2014 with lyrics of new South Sudan Song.

The Geography Songs Book has 68 pages of numbered maps to label and color, lyric pages, famous landmarks, tests and a crossword. Updated 2014 with lyrics of new South Sudan Song. 



Geography Songs Lyrics Here.pdf